What Books Do You Recommend For A Rare Fruit Grower?

Q: What books do you recommend for a rare fruit grower?

A: The books that I listed are as follows: Plant Propagation-Hartman/Kester, The Propagation Of Tropical Fruit Trees-Gardner/Chaudhri, Growing Media-Handreck/Black, Horticultural Varieties Of Citrus-Hodgson, Manual Of Tropical & Subtropical Fruit-Popenoe, Promising Fruits Of The Phillipines-Coronel, Tropical And Subtropical Fruits-Shaw/Nagy/Chan, The Complete Book Of Fruit Growing In Australia-Glowinski, and of course, Fruits Of Warm Climates-Morton( I have that title available to view on my website.

Last but not least,Ortho’s All About… Citrus & Subtropical Fruits ( All New Edition With New Cover…Finally).

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