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The Amazing Miracle Fruit berry makes sour taste sweet. You have to taste it to believe it!


To Make Lemons Into Lemonade, Try ‘Miracle Fruit’

After languishing in obscurity since the 1970s, miracle fruit, or Synsepalum dulcificum, is enjoying a small renaissance. In-the-know food lovers from Hawaii to Finland are seeking out the berry as a culinary curiosity.


Sweet Fruit May Help Chemotherapy Patients

The power of the so-called ‘miracle fruit’ to alter the taste of foods may help chemotherapy patients get rid of the metallic taste they experience during treatment.


California Locally Grown Miracle Fruit Berry

Close Up Of California Grown Miracle Fruit

We have been selling Miracle Fruit plant in Southern California since 1989. We have offered the fruit for sale for 18 years. As a result of that much experience, we have learned how to grow this specie successfully for some time now. I have been told that we are thought to be the only locally based (Southern California) nursery that offers this unique product.


Taste Tripping With California Grown Miracle Fruit

Alex Silber of Papaya Tree Nursery shows you how to enjoy a new taste experience with miracle fruit berries. Alex has the only supply of fresh California grown miracle fruit on the West Coast. We can also help you get started with your own miracle fruit plant. A compact and slow growing bush – the […]