California Locally Grown Miracle Fruit Berry

Close Up Of California Grown Miracle Fruit

California Organically Grown Miracle Fruit

The miracle fruit berry is a small bright red fruit from West Africa. It is an evergreen, small shrub which can be container grown as a houseplant its entire life. It can also be grown outdoors under partial sun exposure. You can harvest fruit more than four months per year.

We have been selling this specie in Southern California since 1989. We have offered the fruit for sale for 18 years. As a result of that much experience, we have learned how to grow this specie successfully for some time now. I have been told that we are thought to be the only locally based (Southern California) nursery that offers this unique product.

Papaya Tree Nursery offers 1, 2, 5 and 10 gallon specimen-sized miracle fruit all of which are currently producing fruit.
We offer an information sheet suggesting food choices to experiment with such as frozen lime pops (just water and lime juice), lemonade (just water and lemon juice) , yogurt, strawberries, fresh rhubarb stalks, fresh lemons, limes, grapefruit, pomelos, pomegranates, cranberries,  creamy goat cheese, dill pickles, dark beer , vinegar and wine.

Try having a “Taste Twisting” or “Flavor Tripping” party this year. Simply make sure everyone who attends gets a fruit and have fun. Consider serving Miracle Fruit inspired frozen tequila lime pops. It’s like having a margarita without the sugar! An information sheet is provided describing how best to use this unique product including food choice suggestions.

About 16 years ago we were contacted by a gentleman requesting the fruit to help him battle the unwelcome side effects he was experiencing from the chemotherapy treatment he recently went through.  The fruit was sent to him immediately and soon after, we received a letter stating that the fruit helped him endure the treatment by improving his appetite. He was gracious in his reply with words to this effect; “Thank you for helping me albeit temporary, you have improved the quality of my life”. That was the only time we have received such a letter and one should not consider this isolated experience as proof that the miracle fruit will work the same for everyone.

Recent studies have been evaluating the degree to which the miracle fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) may be effective at helping individuals going through chemotherapy treatment.

This interesting fruit can also be useful to diabetics as a sugar substitute of sorts.

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