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Alex On FOX News 11 with Reporter Christina Gonzalez Showing How To Protect Plants In Freezing Weather

On January 13, 2013 evening temperatures dropped close to freezing across much of Southern California. FOX 11 News reporter Christina Gonzalez ventured into the field to talk with commercial growers and nurserymen, including Alex Silber of Papaya Tree Nursery to see what they do to protect their plants, and to share some sage advice with […]


Papaya Tree Nursery Reveals Its Secrets

Alex With Caper Bush

If you go visit Alex, owner of Papaya Tree Nursery in Granada Hills, plan to be transported into his magical kingdom, aka his back yard!


Alex Silber Quoted in the Sunset Western Garden Book of Edibles

Sunset Western Garden Book of Edibles

The editors of the Sunset Western Garden Book of Edibles gave special thanks to Alex as one of a handful of horticultural experts they consulted for this brand new publication. The book will be available in February, 2010. Alex is quoted regarding mangos for Southern California, a subject he knows well. Jump right to page […]


Sweet Fruit May Help Chemotherapy Patients

The power of the so-called ‘miracle fruit’ to alter the taste of foods may help chemotherapy patients get rid of the metallic taste they experience during treatment.


To Make Lemons Into Lemonade, Try ‘Miracle Fruit’

After languishing in obscurity since the 1970s, miracle fruit, or Synsepalum dulcificum, is enjoying a small renaissance. In-the-know food lovers from Hawaii to Finland are seeking out the berry as a culinary curiosity.


It’s Rare, It’s Exotic, It’s From Granada Hills

David Silber: Ex-engineer with a passion for growing tropical fruits

David & Tina Silber and the origins of Papaya Tree Nursery. From L.A. Times Article June 23, 1994


Grow An Exotic Indian Fruit Tree in Your Backyard

Alex Silber standing in the Papaya Tree Nursery

If you’re interested in growing an exotic fruit tree which bears your favorite Indian fruits, make a trip to Papaya Tree Nursery, a retail nursery based here in Granada Hills.