Cherry – Minnie Royal

Common Name:

Also Known As:
Low-Chill Sweet Cherry 

'Minnie Royal' 
Scientific Name:
Prunus avium 
Historic Origin:
Western Asia 
Harvest Dates:
Mid May - June 
Suggested Exposure:
Full Sun 

The ‘Minnie Royal’ cherry is one of the first ever true ” low-chill ” sweet cherries to be made available in North America.

This exciting new offering has been the result of approximately 30 years effort, isolating unique attributes of various cherries and naturally combining them into this special product. It is now possible to grow and harvest sweet cherries and subtropical fruit in the same backyard!

I can now report that this year on June 28th 2008, the ‘Minnie Royal’ cherry has produced fruit along the coast in Malibu, California next to fruiting bananas and papayas! Because of it’s precocious nature, the ‘Minnie Royal’ cherry can begin producing fruit in as little as one year after planting.

The harvest typically begins from mid May to June 1st and lasts for approximately two months. Fruit quality is excellent with high sugars and flavor to boot. Fruit color is bright red and size is to 1″ diameter. The height of this cherry tree can be maintained from 6 to 8 feet.

One of the earliest private planting of the ‘Minnie Royal’ cherry in S. California is now 5 years old and produced over 1,300 fruit in June 2008 at a height of only 7′. This one is a WINNER!

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