Which Micronutrients Do You Supply?

Q: Do you supply micronutrients to some plants; if so, which ones?

A: Yes I do supply micronutrients to some plants. It will depend on the species in question as to what and how often a micronutrient is applied.That being said, Molybdenum,Chlorine,Boron and Copper are micronutrients that are usually not shown to be deficient in various evergreen fruit trees such as the fruiting plants offered at my nursery for example. Iron,Manganese and Zinc however, are the micronutrients that I sometimes apply as a supplement to a complete fertilizing program.

For example, the following is a partial list of fruiting plants that tend to eventually show deficiency signs of Iron:

Mango,Cherimoya,Starfruit,Allspice,Passionfruit,Jaboticaba,Blueberry, Coffee, Avocado, Litchee, Macadamia, Sapodilla, Surinam Cherry and Wax Jambu. In the case of most citrus, Zinc is unfortunately overlooked and is in my opinion, even more important than regular applications of Iron.

Year after year I witness the new Spring growth on citrus decrease in size and eventually lose almost all chlorophyll which is known to be the signs of severe Zinc deficiency. The best way to remedy this imminent problem is to apply the Zinc as a foliar spray just before sundown. Over the years, we have been using a very effective form of Zinc to solve this problem and you can contact me for the product source and particular dilution rates.

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