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Organic Ant Control For Your Fruit Trees

Alex Silber of Papaya Tree Nursery in Granada Hills California shows you how to keep ants off of your fruit trees without using pesticides. Controlling the ants allows natural predators to control common insect pests including aphids, mealy bugs, and scale.

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Did My Guava Tree Survive The Cold Weather We Had Recently?

My question is when will I be able to tell if the tree has survived the cold weather and if it needs to be replaced. Is there a way to determine at this time if it is still alive?


How To Prune a Guava Tree Follow Up

We have received many requests to see how the tree responded to this drastic pruning. The tree has grown out. It is healthy, happy, and full of fruit.

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How To Prune A Guava Tree Part 2

Alex demonstrates how to prune your guava tree for controlled growth and maximum production of accessible fruit.
Keep your tree healthy, and harvest all of your fruit without ever climbing a ladder.

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How To Prune A Guava Tree Part 1

Video short on guava fruit thinning
Alex Shows You How to Prune Your Guava Tree for Maximum Health and Productivity.

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