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Alex On FOX News 11 with Reporter Christina Gonzalez Showing How To Protect Plants In Freezing Weather

On January 13, 2013 evening temperatures dropped close to freezing across much of Southern California. FOX 11 News reporter Christina Gonzalez ventured into the field to talk with commercial growers and nurserymen, including Alex Silber of Papaya Tree Nursery to see what they do to protect their plants, and to share some sage advice with […]


A Guide For Choosing Rare Fruit Trees For Your Yard

By David & Tina Silber Many people come to our nursery asking for suggestions of which unusual fruit trees are suitable for their location. These people come from a variety of Southern California climate types-inland areas, intermediate areas and coastal areas. To respond to their questions we have developed three groupings of rare fruit trees […]


Did My Guava Tree Survive The Cold Weather We Had Recently?

My question is when will I be able to tell if the tree has survived the cold weather and if it needs to be replaced. Is there a way to determine at this time if it is still alive?


Backyard Frost Protection

Oranges frozen with Icicles

Freezing weather occasionally hits, even in Southern California. Here are some tips for preparing your trees for cold weather.