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A beautiful evergreen tree displaying tropical foliage 11 months out of the year.Begins fruiting one or two years after planting.


Cherimoya Hand Pollination

Alex Silber of Papaya Tree Nursery in Granada Hills California shows you how to hand pollinate the blossoms on your Cherimoya tree to ensure good fruit production.

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How Do I Pollinate My Cherimoyas?

Cherimoya Flower

Q1: Where do I look for the pollen in the cherimoya flower and how do I pollinate the flower?


Cherimoyas – When To Pick, Cracking, & Black Areas


Q: I typically pick the fruit in March. Is this the right timing? Also, during the winter the fruit some times cracks or turns black in areas. How can I prevent this?


How To Prune A Cherimoya Tree

Alex shows you how to prune your cherimoya tree for controlled growth,
and optimal fruit production. The center of the tree is kept open to the light, and fruit is kept within easy reach. If you’re in a hot climate, remember to paint the tops of your branches with white latex paint to protect them from sunburn.

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