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Now is the time to plan that “taste twisting’’ party. An information sheet is provided describing how best to use this unique product including food choice suggestions. Consider serving Miracle Fruit inspired frozen tequila lime pops at your next summer get together. It’s like having a margarita without the sugar!

At Papaya Tree Nursery we pick the fruits from our own trees. Using a proprietary method, we preserve the fruit extending the time during which they can be eaten to over one month. However, fresh fruit should be consumed no more than seven days after receiving them as they are very perishable. We are picking the fruit on a weekly basis for the next two months.


Fresh Preserved
Available on site at the nursery
June – September
Available by mail order
$2.00 each
minimum order of 20 for a total of $40.00
$2.00 each
minimum order of 20 plus $5.00 shipping
for a total of $45.00
Call for pricing and availability for quantities exceeding 100 pieces.

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Minimum Order is 20 fruits

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The Miracle Fruit is native to West Africa.
The fruits have a mild flavor of their own, but amazingly, they will trick your taste buds into believing that all sour foods such as a sour lemon or lime taste very sweet.
This unique effect can last over four hours for the individual who consumes the Miracle Fruit but two hours or less is more typical.

See the Video of CBS 2′s Sharon Tay Visiting Papaya Tree Nursery


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