Chinese Mulberry / Cheh

Common Name:
Chinese Mulberry

Also Known As:
Cheh, Madarin Melonberry 

'Mr. Paul Thomsons Best' 
Scientific Name:
Cudrania tricuspidata 
Historic Origin:
Northern China 
Harvest Dates:
Mid October to Early December 
Suggested Exposure:
Full Sun 

A medium-sized deciduous tree from Northern China. Separate male and female trees are offered as mated pairs to produce very sweet, dark red fruit from mid – October to late – December. Fruit flavor similar to watermelon and is sometimes called the “Mandarin Melonberry”! This relatively rare offering is very eye-catching when in fruit and is oftentimes mistaken for another Chinese native known as the litchee. Grow in full sun exposure, adaptable to high temperatures and is very cold hardy.

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